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Welcome to Tax Credit Casualties (TCC), founded in response to the Tax Credits overpayment bills that have been blighting millions of people's lives for over 10 years now. This website aims to bring all the issues and information you might need together in one place to enable you to challenge an overpayment.

Please note that we remove outdated advice from the site so you may assume all information on the site is current. (Site Last Updated on 24 June 2014)

Due to HMRC's scare tactics, many people fear they could end up with a criminal record or even prison time due to an overpayment. TCC would like to reassure you that overpayments are NOT a criminal issue and so a criminal record & jail time would not be the result, unless HMRC accused you of fraud and had adequate proof.

If they really were accusing you of fraud you would have to be 'interviewed under caution', and so would definitely be aware you were being treated as a fraud case. All other insinuations that you could be convicted of fraud should be considered a cynical attempt to scare you into cooperating.

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If you're unsure about where to start, begin here and work your way down the page until you find the section that best fits your needs!

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Do You Need To Appeal Or Dispute?

First, if you're unsure whether you need to appeal or to dispute your Tax Credit overpayment, read our article The Difference Between Appeals and Disputes.

This also includes information about requesting a Hardship Assessment and Notional Entitlement Offsetting.

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Is Your Case Over 6 Years Old?

Tax Credit overpayments are subject the Limitation Act 1980, (or the Prescription Act 1973 in Scotland), so if your case is over 6 years old please go here.

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Does HMRC Say You're Not Single - When You Are?

If HMRC are investigating your single claim, or have already said they think you are part of a couple when you're not, please go here.

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Are HMRC Or A Debt Company Harassing You To Repay Your Tax Credit Overpayment?

If you are appealing or in dispute with HMRC about your Tax Credit overpayment, and they are harassing you for payment, read our article Being Harassed By HMRC For Repayment Of A Tax Credit Overpayment?.

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Overpaid & Overseas

If you are living abroad, either within or outside the EU, and have a Tax Credit overpayment bill, please see our Overpaid & Overseas page.

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For All Other Overpayment Cases

You probably want the guide to disputing your Tax Credit overpayment, so please see 'How to Dispute an Overpayment'.